Recommendations that I have graciously received

"Chad gets it. And he gets it done, lots of it. He's one of those rock solid co-workers that you can utterly rely on to take your vague, not-that-constructive aspirational directions and make something much better, meaningful and effective out of them. I worked with Chad for about seven years, we developed tons of user experience optimizations driven by the UX and design solutions he created and/or led his staff to produce. He is expertly effective at finding the sweet win-win spot where enhancing user experience equates to improving conversion rates and engendering customer loyalty."
Mike Brown
Senior Director, Analytics and Optimization at Expedia,
managed Chad at
"Chad Mortensen represents the top 5% of user experience leaders that can dramatically increase revenue by applying proven pragmatic design methodologies that focus on what your business wants and what your customers need. Chad has as a consistent track record of increasing conversion rates by leveraging analytic tools, user experience testing methodologies and his instincts. Chad has an invaluable ability to produce a tremendous amount of quality work in a very short period of time. I have been very fortunate to work with Chad for the past seven years. Chad has always been an all-star employee. You too would be fortunate if you were able to convince him to work for your business."
John Barron,
Director, User Experience & Optimization at Row 44, Inc.
managed Chad at
"I worked with Chad on several large projects at, and would describe him as an A+ usability dude with 5-star design chops, the organizational skills of a project manager, the zen temperament of a monk and the easy-going, good-natured, go getter spirit of a Canadian. He's one of those rare star players that can fit in and excel anywhere. Portland is lucky to have him!"
Sung Kim,
eCommerce Product Manager at Edison International
worked directly with Chad at
"Throughout my experience with Chad he is always going above and beyond what is asked of him. He also continues to introduce new and better technology so that the website can be the best possible. Chad manages the entire User Interface team as well as other project initiatives that require User Interface insight. He delegates appropriate tasks and timelines. His team respects his acumen and experience. Chad has a zest for life and has a variety of interests. He can relate to people in many ways and on many levels. I would without any reservation recommend Chad to you. He would be a tremendous asset in any company."
Sharyn (Corneli) Lyons,
Software Systems Architect at Pragmatics, Inc.
worked directly with Chad at
"Chad knew usability and his designs reflected this. He worked hard at not only creating a beautiful user experience, but one that made functional human sense. His usability knowledge is extremely valuable and he would make a great addition on any software team."
Logan Bell,
Software Engineer at Shutterstock
worked directly with Chad at PCD Group

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